Fix Windows 10 April 2018 Update Installation Errors On Alienware Laptops

The last Windows 10 update made its official announcement back in April and it sure hit the headlines pretty soon. It has acquired rave reviews being one of the most appreciated Operating Systems created by Microsoft. Microsoft has also extended its continuous support in the form of major overhauls from time to time. One of that is the April update that had a lot of expectations on hold by the users. However, soon the tables turned where the update was beginning to create some issues with downloading and installing services. The mess is quite common in the high-end devices and one such issue is quite common in the Alienware Support.

If you too are struggling with Windows 10 April 2018 Update installation issues on Alienware laptops, then this post is all you need to fix it. Check out the easy steps and get easy solutions to rectify the issue.

Alienware Support

Installation Issues on Alienware Laptops

The very first thing that you need to know as a user is that the Windows 10 OS already contain a built-in troubleshooter. This basically helps to identify the update problems. One can also help to reset the app that allows you to kickstart the installation process quite conveniently. For this, you will need to access the start menu and then move on to the cog icon that is situated on the left. This will open the Settings Window to make you access the update and security option. After that, you can try the troubleshooter option and apply it to fix the final error. You can also try out some additional troubleshooting steps such as-

Expand Disk Space

In some cases. the update option creates a bit of trouble after reaching a certain point where it stops installing any new updates. Thus, it reverts back to the previous version without completing the process. In that case, the memory of the disk space can be a great issue and thus one needs to free up some memory on the hard drive. In the latest update, it reportedly requires a total of 16GB blank space along with 32-bit version. On the other hand, the 64-bit version requires a 20GB space free up on the hard drive to install.

Thus, the very first thing that a user should carry out, in this case, is to check for the drive space available in the windows explorer. This can be a convenient choice in case the update fails due to any reason. You can do it by typing “Disk Clean-up” the search bar and then check for the system disk on the C: drive. Once the process completes, save the changes made by clicking on the OK option. Another way to do it is by clicking on the tick boxes and selecting the elements that you wish to remove from the system. This can also turn to be a great aid to free up a considerable amount of space from your device.

Make sure that the elements are junk files and not anything of importance, as this will not be able to retrievable by any means. In case, you wish to clean up some more space on the drive then you can also make use of the “clean up system files” option.

Turn Off Antivirus

You must also make sure to disable any antivirus software that is installed on the system prior to updating the windows 10 with Alienware support. Once, the complete process is done, you can any time turn it on and use it as per wish. You can do that by removing the installed antivirus software for a temporary amount of time without making any permanent change into the system. However, make it a point to enable it back after complete installation or it may create a bit of problem for your system.

Reset Update

Lastly, if you are still not able to carry out the installation process sufficiently, you will need to reset the update right from the beginning. In this case, you will need to reset the process back from the initiation point and then carry out the update service. For this, you have the choice to click open the command prompt option and entering the CMD option in the search bar and run it as administrator.

All the above methods are quite trusted to bring out the complete process. in case, you are still unable to carry out the steps and require some Alienware Support, you should seek some expert intervention. Work out the complete steps and see which one works best for your aid.

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